We invite you or your group to visit Pentâge Winery and discover our award-winning wines, our philosophy and passion!

Our tasting room is open daily from 11-5pm (thru to October 9th).

Picnic area available.

If time permits book a tour through our natural rock wine cellar.

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@PentageWinery Sep 15, 23:28

"Nope, I wasn't digging"!!!! (Few photos to prove he may have been digging) #itsadogslifehttps://t.co/uPAvrTv5hX

@PentageWinery Sep 15, 23:25

Harvest is under way, lov'n this time of year. #bcwine #sipokfalls https://t.co/2ox7IwWLX8

@PentageWinery Sep 15, 17:12

Start of harvest! Early morning #sauvignonblanc pick. #bcharvest2017 #bcwine #sipokfalls https://t.co/fro9Uzg6vA

@TheSpitter Sep 11, 22:18

Breaking News Ontario-based Andre Peller Limited has purchased 3 BC wineries: Tinhorn Creek, Black Hills Estates and Gray Monk Vineyards.

@PentageWinery Sep 08, 23:50

Getting cellar ready for harvest 2017. #bcwine #harvest2017comingsoon #sipokfalls #penticton https://t.co/GIlPjOGJlV

@PentageWinery Sep 04, 16:37

@neburma Thanks for the visit. See you next year.

@PentageWinery Sep 03, 16:34

Ready for early morning chores! #alwaysbyyourside https://t.co/csTb5Pkp4s

@PentageWinery Sep 03, 01:18

#repost astreuks ❤️ https://t.co/plbIoHIyMr

@PentageWinery Sep 02, 04:09

Happy Friday night! #bcwine #okanagan #solucky ❤️ @ Skaha Lake https://t.co/ARwW4JhQSn

@PentageWinery Sep 01, 21:48

Guess what we have open today....... #appassimento #bcwine #amaronestyle https://t.co/MHXB20GktM

@PentageWinery Sep 01, 16:33

@GrapeyWine Happy to hear the Fizz got the party started......happy long weekend 🥂

@PentageWinery Aug 29, 18:32

#gamay basking in the sun. #bcwine #bcharvest2017 soon approaching. https://t.co/YujojF7qRb

@PentageWinery Aug 26, 20:26

Sun is out, blue skies, couldn't resist sharing this panorama of our Vista Ridge Vineyard… https://t.co/NN1CQ9H7RH

@PentageWinery Aug 20, 23:42

Beautiful blue skies today! Happy Sunday everyone. #bcwine #penticton #sipokfalls https://t.co/r4Tn4josbx

@LibertyLadner Aug 17, 02:48

Join us Friday 4-6pm for this week's free tasting, we're back in BC with wines from @kvwinery @OrofinoWinery &… https://t.co/VTVpB140AO

@PentageWinery Aug 16, 04:04

Bubbles and best friends! Celebrating with Fizz Rose 2016. @ Pentage Winery https://t.co/VDNJfh9tWm

@PentageWinery Aug 13, 20:47

Sunny skies are back! #bcwine #visitpenticton #sipokfalls @ Pentage Winery https://t.co/bYpSkoeUpB

@PentageWinery Aug 11, 16:52

@rockandrollmom4 @JoyRoadCatering Thank you for joining us. Was a fun evening!

@PentageWinery Aug 11, 06:54

Thank you Cam and Dana @joyroadcatering for a great evening. #delicious #farmtotable #bcwinehttps://t.co/MLLPjJu5OM

@OkanaganEt Jul 27, 22:06

Exquisite wine, breathtaking view and an amazing staff (@PentageWinery )= the perfect start of your day! Book here:… https://t.co/8RiYjujRdL

@PentageWinery Jul 27, 21:42

Today 2-6 visit Lisa @saveonfoods #penticton Taste some Pentâge..... #bcwine #visitpenticton https://t.co/qhwyp4xO9d

@PentageWinery Jul 15, 17:30

We are pouring at the Penticton Farmers market today. Come and visit us. #BCWine https://t.co/up2lB2OTMJ

@PentageWinery Jul 06, 07:50

Few tix left for "Party in the Park 2017" https://t.co/2z1CAz11aO @Eventbrite

@PentageWinery Jul 01, 16:20

Happy Canada Day! https://t.co/CkD5Wzoifv

@PentageWinery Jun 17, 04:13

Cheers! https://t.co/TOoAKcy4yp